⚡Electric Karnival ⚡

17 Jul


Now that the dust powder has settled, and more importantly, washed out of my nails and ears (crazy how long it takes for that stuff to come out), it’s time to talk about the epicness that was Electric Karnival.  Held on Virginia Key Beach, the day before the US Independence Holiday, Electric Karnival is a music festival exposing partygoers to the fusion of Soca, EDM and a dash of Trap music albeit with a Caribbean twist.  It incorporated numerous elements that typical carnival goers are accustomed to such as coloured powder from Jouvert, Monday wear for the ladies, Caribbean food, rum and a plethora of internationally known DJs and artists…well…do I really need to continue?


Most music festivals have a plethora of things to do and EK was no exception offering party goers the opportunity to have multiple experiences in one setting.  Whether they wanted to jump up and down in the Bouncing Castle, run through the inflatable obstacle course, or wine to the side in front of the stage, there was enough to do keep even the most attention deprived member of your crew engaged.


Legend has it that he doesn’t smile…

So I know what you’re probably thinking, that all sounds well and good but how was the vibes?!?  Initially when we got there, things started off a bit slowly but this wasn’t a result of EK or the team there, why quite the contrary. We Caribbean people just don’t know how to show up on time to anything.  Well that and the fact that we don’t like the sun.  It’s intrinsically who we are.  With the festival starting at 11:00AM, I didn’t arrive until about 5:00PM in an effort to maintain my current skin colour.  However as the sun moved further west and more people began to arrive, the vibes increased exponentially.  This was especially true when Patrick the Hype Man (known for creating a good time wherever he goes) graced the stage and the powder began to fly, it was a euphoric feeling (or rather a nuphoric one).  This high lasted straight through until the final act was complete.  You don’t have to take my word for it however, peep the video below.

What I was so impressed with was how effortlessly things ran.  There were no hiccups and everything ran as advertised which was no small feat, especially for an event of this magnitude.  While this was the inaugural year, I can definitely see EK growing into a large festival similar to the big ones such as Ultra and Coachella with the right backing.  They say lightning can’t strike the same place twice…(which while writing this I found out is a lie…who knew?) but I beg to differ.  If you missed it this year, do yourself a favor and don’t miss next year.



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