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The Islander: Powder, Paint & Purple Ink

19 May


The last two weeks haven’t been great for fingernails…unless you’re a nail technician.  Then you’ve made many dollars in the last two weeks.  Recently, the Bahamas experienced yet another Junkanoo Carnival and more importantly, depending on who you ask anyways, the country came together to vote in the General Election to determine who would be the government in power for the next five years.

I’ll be the first to tell you that my expectations for Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival this year were relatively low.  After a personally subpar to meh experience last year on the road, I had decided that my Carnival would simply consist of Jouvert and Suits.  Really and truly, I was also reminded of how much pain my body was in after going straight from Jouvert on the road.  Strike Two.  The third and final one came when it was announced that the date for Carnival would change as a result of the conflict that arose with the General Election.  There was an obvious uproar not only locally, but internationally as well as a result of airline tickets and hotel rooms being purchased by folks planning to attend.  The momentum that Junkanoo Carnival had picked up, quickly came to an abrupt halt.


A reenactment of when the momentum was lost.

After a few tense days and tons of ridicule on the Twittersphere, the date was reverted to it’s original date.  Then in a random twist of fate, the fortunes changed and God smiled down upon us.  It was announced that both Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin would be performing.

For the uninitiated, Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin might arguably be the two greatest soca artists currently in the industry.  Yes.  This is my opinion…if your opinion  varies feel free to create a blog and express your views there…or the comments section below, whichever is easier for you.  Be that as it may, both artists offer different styles and they recently hashed out a disagreement, which led to them collaborating for the first time.  Much to the delight of their fans…i.e. Me.   While I hadn’t planned on going to the concert, my position on that matter quickly changed…obviously.

And then there was the matter of Suits.  Those that have been following my blog post know how I felt about that party and after last year, I figured there was no plausible way that they could top it.  I would soon realize just how wrong I was.

First things first however…the concert.  From years past, we understood the mission and task at hand.  After being held hostage at the inaugural event two years prior (you know who you are), we decided that the best time to get to the concert would be midnight.  A veteran (feteran) decision that would greatly benefit our legs and feet.  After catching up with friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and eating a million chicken wings – much needed energy for the dancing that was sure to come, we headed to the concert area.


Keilya’s Snapchat and she’s no where to be found.  Typical.

Now here is where the fun began.  While watching the news earlier, I had heard there was rain heading our way.  It just so happens that it decided it was now an appropriate time to rain.  While most were drawn away, my group of friends and I have extensive experience partying in the rain and in wet environments…we were in our element.


Shout out the Lighting folks for the Glow.  

We also saw this as an opportunity to move up closer to the stage.  The performances did not leave us lacking and made up for me not seeing Machel last year due to someone who shall again, remain nameless.

As for Suits, with libations, friends and GoPro in tow, we set out on the high seas in search of an experience.  There were familiar faces, there were some new ones, but the vibe was reminiscent of yesteryear.  First came the water.  This was different this year…saltwater…while it was nice to have the water rain down on us, I did get blasted in the face on more than one occasion.  I’m also 99.998% certain I drank some of it.  Please note this was a minor annoyance and did not, I repeat did not, detract from the fun.  Next came the powder and bright colours filled the air.  It was happening again.  This feeling of joy…mixed with salt water.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…well it did.  The DJ makes an announcement stating that Machel was on the boat next to us.  I was like yeah, okay.  A few minutes later he tells the crowd to wave to Machel…I still didn’t believe him but just to be sure, I took a walk over to the edge of the boat.  Lo and behold it was true.  What happened over the next few minutes was crazy.  Machel’s boat, pulled up next to our boat, they threw him a wireless microphone and he gave an impromptu performance.  The setting was amazing.  On a boat on the magnificent waters of the Bahamas, chasing a setting sun, while listening to the hypnotizing beats of soca.  Paradise.  This experience is fleeting, because as soon as I knew it, we were back on the dock heading home.  Another epic event.

On a more serious note, later on in the week, the General Election was held and now we have a new government.  It was actually the first time that I voted.  Not a word from any of you.  Yes I realize that I’m almost 30 (God that sounds weird).  In a way, I’m happy that I didn’t vote until now.  Only recently (within the past few years), have I really paid close attention to what has been happening in the country.  If I had voted in years prior it would have been a vote from an uneducated stance.  I didn’t know the parties, the candidates, their various stances on varying issues.  Some of it I blame on youth (I know not an excuse) and just a general nonchalance but with age and wisdom comes greater responsibility…for some of us anyways.


The Bahamian way of protecting against Voter Fraud.  How 1938 of us.

The day I voted, I felt a grand sense of patriotism.  While the Bahamas has come a long way in the last 43 years, we still have a long way to go.  In a world that’s evolving daily and changing rapidly, I hope that we can continue to make head way in all areas and to show what a great country this place really  is.  I see so much opportunity in Bahamians  and in the Bahamas.  After reading so many newspapers about the various issues, the differences between the parties etc. I think it would be remiss of me not to make one statement and it’s not anything groundbreaking or profound (although I have been known to deliver some dumbly profound ones).  Quite the opposite in fact and something that we’ve probably all heard before.  Be the change that you want to see.  It serves no purpose to complain about something if you’re not willing to act on it.

If you remember nothing else from this post, please remember those last two lines.  While I appreciate a well told story and a good party, I would appreciate even more to see our little country move forward.


Sunset on The Dock.

Life’s a Beach and sometimes a dock.  Either way, enjoy the waves.